The carousel was originally built by The Philadelphia Toboggan Company, one of the most prestigious carousel companies, in 1917. It was originally known as "The Liberty Carousel", and delivered to Belle Isle Park in Detroit, Michigan. It was moved to Olympic Park in Irvington, New Jersey, and in 1967 the Walt Disney Company purchased it. Arrow Development, in which Disney then owned a 1/3 interest, produced new engineering drawings for the mechanism and horses. While it was refurbished extensively and repainted in 1967 extensively to match the Cinderella theme, maidens from the original design can still be seen on the top. All of the ninety horses are painted white, because white ones are typically being associated with hero characters, and most are carved from maple wood. Some have been recast from the originals in fiberglass. There is also a chariot on it, originally installed on "The Liberty". It was lost during the refurbishment but was rediscovered and installed again in 1997.

Prince Charming Regal Carrousel (MK)

While the carousel was being installed at the Magic Kingdom in 1971, Roy Disney noticed that the placement was off center with the Cinderella Castle breezeway, and it was moved eight inches so it would be center.


Spin around, up and down to joyous music atop a regal steed at this classic attraction inspired by Disney’s Cinderella.